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I love Pinterest! I love spending countless hours browsing and repinning and I love the flow of traffic that I receive here from some of the things that I have pinned from my blog.

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Easy Banana Nut Muffins

Easy Banana Nut Muffins

Make Your Own (Healthier) Shake & Bake

Homemade Shake N Bake

Melt In Your Mouth Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes

Dollar Store Organization

Dollar Store Organization

Freezer Meatballs

Freezer Meatballs

Ready for the oven!


ShuGar Love and The Beatles

I filled in for Carmen over at ShuGar Love on Friday so that she is able to take some time off from blogging and enjoy this time with her NEW BABY!!

Beatles Love

I remember how nice it was to have some sweet blogger friends do the same for me so when I saw her request for help, I couldn’t wait to step in for her!

I’m talking about something that Carmen and I both love: THE BEATLES!! I mean, who doesn’t love The Beatles, right? We both have a slight obsession so it only seemed right for me to proclaim it to the world!

Check out the post here!

My Shaklee Story

Shaklee Cheque

A few days ago I shared a video with you that featured my friend Bonnie Donahue and her family. In the video, Bonnie shares her personal motivation and inspiration for doing what she does. It is because of her passion and a fellow blogger that I am now also involved with Shaklee and am building my own business, just like she is. She’s a mom, she blogs and is a kick ass business owner and I can’t help but think that if she can do it, so can I!

I had been reading Claire’s blog for some time when I noticed an ad on her sidebar about making $1000 a month while working from home. At the time, I was on maternity leave and was debating on whether or not I would have to go back to work or if I could stay home with Ben like I really wanted to. We decided that I could stay home which was a huge relief but I knew that it would be a huge adjustment because we were used to living with two incomes so I really wanted to be able to contribute in some way, even if it was only small.

Ben loves Mama's Home Business

I’m not normally so impulsive, but when I contacted Bonnie and Claire through the Project Dream site and had a quick video chat with Claire, I knew this was something that I had to do. Something really drew me to this company and to this team of passionate and motivational women. I didn’t just want to spend my money on a kit and be thrown into things without any support, I wanted the whole team environment and training. That’s exactly what I got!

Making the switch to Shaklee products in my house has made a huge difference in my health, even after only using them for the last 6 months. I have something called Acid Pepsin Disease which is basically an imbalance of acids in my stomach. It means that I would often feel nauseous and throw up a lot. No fun at all! I was also a frequent sufferer of migraines which are also no fun at all. Since I found Shaklee, started taking the vitamins and supplements, and started cleaning my home without using harsh chemicals, I have not been sick and I have not had a single migraine! It is still absolutely crazy to me how much better I feel now that I am taking better care of my body and my home. Not only that, but it is allowing me to work on my own time while I’m staying home with Ben which is something that was so important to our family and I’m glad that I am able to make it happen.


Pretty Little Liars Withdrawl

I swear, I am the worst for this! I find a show that I absolutely love on Netflix and I watch the entire thing from start to finish. Then when it’s all over, I have absolutely no idea what to do with my life for the next few days because I was so invested in it and am sad that I can’t watch any more of it!

Pretty Little Liars

If I could just have all of their clothes, shoes, and hair, that would be awesome.

I recently powered through Pretty Little Liars this way and now I am left waiting for June to come so that I can see what happens next! What’s worse, is that the way Season 4 ended was so crazy that I am all out of sorts wondering what is happening with certain characters (OMG Ezra!!!!) and where the plot will take the girls next.

I am late to the PLL bandwagon because I totally had it pegged as a “teen” show and figured that it wouldn’t be something that I was interested in. My sister ended up recommending I watch it and I’m glad I took her advice because I’m obsessed! And now, I’m searching for a new show to power through!

Pretty Little Liars Guys

So … Much … Sexy


Just Write Something!

Just Write Something

It’s a common thing running through the blogosphere at any given time for people to be talking about writers block and the like. Writing good, even just decent, content consistently is a real struggle at the best of times, let alone those times when you really have no motivation or inspiring thoughts in the queue.

I’m no expert by any means, but I do find that there is something that really helps me to stay on track. I make sure to write something every day. Even if it’s just to get a few posts started so that I have a chance to get those ideas out of my head and into a draft. It doesn’t have to be pretty or even coherent but at least it’s the start of something.

The idea is to start forming a habit. We all know how hard it is to break a bad habit once it’s been formed. The same goes for a good habit too! Once something becomes habit, you are far more likely to continue with it and build on it. This concept doesn’t necessarily apply to blogging either. Do you want to keep a journal but find that it fizzles out after a days? Make sure to just get something down each day. Even if it’s just 3 things that made you happy that day in point form. Each day that you do this, you are forming a habit to keep it going.

Look in your heart and write

writer quote print on Etsy

This can apply to making sure to drink enough water every day or making sure that you take your vitamins. Write yourself a note and stick it somewhere that you’ll see it. Pretty soon, you won’t even have to look!

After a little while, you’ll be surprised at how beneficial this can be for your blog! The saying goes that consistency is key and it’s true. Consistent writing means consistent content, which means consistent readers and consistent growth. Nothing kills a blog faster than sporadic posting and inactivity!