Pregnancy Update – Week 29

Pregnancy Update Week 29 | HappyPrettyBlog.Com

Yes, I’m still here! I haven’t been around in almost a week but fear not, I am still alive and kicking! We’re all super busy and preoccupied this time of year so I’m trying not to feel to bad about not blogging as much as I normally would.

Even though I haven’t done any real pregnancy updates and I’m already into my 3rd trimester I figured, why not?! So here’s how my pregnancy is going in Week 29!

  • Weight Gain – 20lbs (better than the 40 I gained at this point for Ben!)
  • Cravings – dark pop, cantaloupe, chocolate
  • Baby Activity – He’s a wild one! Always moving and wiggling around. When Ben cuddles up to my belly, Baby likes to give him a big kick!
  • Names – We have a short list of a few names that we like and will decide once we meet him :)
  • Feeling – Large, sore at times, exhausted at the end of the day, excited for him to arrive, and sad that I only have a few months left with just Ben.
  • Time left – Around 10 weeks! How crazy is that?! We got our date for the scheduled c-section which is pretty surreal! Although he may decide to shake things up and arrive early. We don’t want to share the date with the world just yet because it’s subject to change but I’m sure we will as we get closer!

Pregnancy Pampering in Week 29 | HappyPrettyBlog.Com

I’ve been trying to pamper myself as much as I can these days so that I feel rested and limber enough to run around and still give Ben all the energy and attention that I can during the day, while I still can. Even though I’m tired and my back hurts, he doesn’t deserve less Mommy time so I’m doing my best to make it work! Nick actually surprised me the other day with these goodies; a handmade magic bag and organic coconut body scrub made by some women that he works with. What an awesome surprise and SO what I’ve been needing these days! 

I actually tried to film this post as a video today but after I got dressed, did my hair and makeup, set up the camera, and started filming, the camera battery died 3 minutes in so I got frustrated and gave up being productive for the day. Then I felt bad and thought you still deserved this post so here I am! 

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Starting Christmas Traditions

Although last year was Ben’s first Christmas, we didn’t really know what sorts of family traditions we wanted to start just yet. He was 10 months old and had no idea what was going on so we figured it was a good one to just sit back and enjoy rather than start something new. We didn’t even bother going for the Santa photo because he was in the midst of a “stranger” phase so just the thought of subjecting that poor mall Santa to a screaming and flailing child wasn’t overly appealing to me. 

Tobin Family Santa photo - Christmas 2014

I will share this little doozy with you though! This past Friday, Nick had the day off so we took Ben for his first hair cut *cue Mama waterworks* and afterwards we went and had a family Santa photo taken! The two of us look like complete dorks but Ben looks adorable so it’s a framer!

As we were decorating our house for the holiday season, I started to think about the different traditions that we would want to have for our children for years to come. I look back very fondly on Christmases as a child and I know that Nick does too. The things that really stand out in my mind are those moments with my family that I could count on to happen, year after year. We had things that we’d always do on Christmas Eve, things we’d do on Christmas Day and things we’d do on Boxing Day. We really want to create that for our kids too!

When I was looking for ideas, naturally I took my quest to Pinterest! I did find a few pins (like this one, this one and this one) which gave me lots of inspiration but then I thought, why not ask all of YOU!? Give me some inspiration!

What Christmas traditions do you have with your family and when did you start them?

Husband Hijack: Bonding with a Newborn for Dads

Bonding with a Newborn for Dad's | HappyPrettyBlog.Com

I like to think that at 21 months, Ben and I share a great bond that will last us the rest of our lives. Now I’m sure there will be times that both of our patience with each other will be tested; however, I feel like in the end our bond will come out on top. With that said I often find myself thinking back to when Ben was born and wondering: How the hell did I pull that off?

Leading up to Ben’s birth, Kim, in my eyes, was the child expert between the two of us. She seemed like she had it all figured out (and really, she did), reading and researching into things that would make my son enjoy the quality of life he has today. Me? I spend most of my time gaming, watching TV, exercising (sometimes?) and listening to Kim explain all these wonderful ideas she wanted to do with/for Ben and getting my opinion (sometimes!). Sure, I would read things here and there but not very often. I really just planned on flying by the seat of my pants figuring Kim would be there to guide me every step of the way. She’d take the lead, I’d follow and eventually figure out what I was doing.

Anyone who knows about Kim’s child birth experience knows that it was less than ideal; leaving Kim out of commission for months after Ben was born. So there I was, not alone; but forced to play the leading role in the first few months of my son’s life while Kim recovered. In my opinion, this is the reason why my bond with Ben is so strong.

I remember being frightened to death when the nurse told me I would be cup feeding the baby for a while, until Kim and Ben got into their groove and the breastfeeding started going smoothly. Me? Feed the baby? With a cup? Did we not bring any bottles…why didn’t we bring any bottles? What if I give him too much? What if he chokes and dies? Geez, am I even ready for this?

Bonding with a Newborn for Dad's | HappyPrettyBlog.Com

It’s funny, life has a way of throwing you into situations you’re ready for even though your brain (and fear) have you trying to run away from things as fast as you can. As you can tell, Ben is still alive (hurray!). Did I put too much food in his mouth from the cup once or twice? Yup! Guess what, he survived. In fact, he’d probably laugh at the panicked look on my face when he spit out what he couldn’t handle and drank what he could.

I’d say the cup feeding was best thing that helped develop my confidence in being a father. Being tossed right in to the fray, being forced to overcome challenges I didn’t expect to deal with and providing for my son really got my father-engine going. I figured “Hey, if I can survive that, I can survive anything,” and really just put my best foot forward.

If anyone, as a father is looking to figure out how to develop that bond, I’d say feeding your child is a great place to start. I’m no expert in bonding with a newborn, it just worked for me. Other things I feel worked for me are: putting Ben to bed every night, bathing him every night and getting up with him in the morning. I feel like these things are especially important if your wife stays home with the baby all day. If your child associates fun things with you (like waking up and having breakfast or tub time) then your relationship can only stay positive.

I realize that I can’t do everything the same with my second child as I did with Ben because I can’t just ignore Ben. He has needs too. The only thing I can say about the second child is that I’m not going to spend time second guessing myself. I already know I can be a good father and, even though I’m not sure how I’ll do it, I’ll make sure this new child and I have a bond just as strong as Ben and I.

KISS InstaWave Automatic Curler Demo & Review


I absolutely love beauty products and giving new ones a try. I also love when companies send me their products to review for you! What I love even more is when I actually like the product and plan on continuing to use it because it really worked for me and that was the case here. 


Can’t wait to try this out! #KISSInstaWave #BrandBacker

A photo posted by Kimberley Tobin (@kimberley_anne) on

I had seen KISS products before but this was my first time getting to try one! I usually hate curling my hair because of how time consuming it is and how coordinated you have to be to get your whole head done and looking half decent. The KISS InstaWave was extremely simple to use and I was able to curl all of my hair in about 20 minutes which is a new record for me! You don’t have to contort yourself into ridiculous positions to get the back of your head or to make the curls go in different directions to avoid the dreaded giant clump curl!

Let me give you the run down!


    • There are 2 heat settings, High or Low with a maximum temperature of 420 degrees. For my demo, I used the Low heat setting.


  • It is fully automatic and tangle free.



  • It can be used with either hand without difficulty.



  • Features a Curl Dial which changes the direction of the curl to the left or the right.



  • Automatic shut off at 90 minutes.


             The directions are extremely easy to follow and execute. Place section of hair between prongs and barrel, turn Curl Dial left or right, hold and release vertically. Nothing fancy! Watch the video that I filmed below to see it in action!  


You can find more information at and can purchase for $59.99 at Target, Ulta or Amazon. Here is a picture that I took just after curling my hair, before I added hairspray and fluffed it up a bit! The curls actually lasted ALL DAY which was really surprising to me because my hair is very resistant to holding a curl for more than a few hours. 

**I received this product for free in exchange for this honest and unbiased demonstration and review courtesy of BrandBacker. All opinions and experiences with this product are my own. **

See Me on The So-Called Homemaker!

What a weekend! There were so many things that I wanted to get done and of course, our internet was down for most of it! Always the way, isn’t it? Not only that, but our poor kitty Cleo ended up at the vet for a few days so that was stressful too. She’s fine thank goodness and hopefully things will be a bit more calm here this week!

I wanted to show off a little and let you know that I got to do a fun Q&A over at The So-Called Homemaker the other day. Check it out!

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