Why I Won’t Hide While Breastfeeding

I’ve never shared this with anyone before, not even Nick so I hope all of you readers know how very special you are to me! It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, with the impending birth of my second child. 

Why I Won't Hide While Breastfeeding | HappyPrettyBlog.Com | #mom #motherhood

As you may remember from a few previous posts, I breastfed Ben. Breastfeeding, while extremely difficult in the beginning, was a very wonderful and rewarding experience for me and I am so looking forward to doing it again. Ben stopped breastfeeding on his own shortly after I became pregnant, I suspect because there was a change in my milk. I had actually hoped that he would continue on until his brother is born so it won’t be such a shock to the nipples again but at least I know what to expect this time!

In the early days of breastfeeding the first time around, I was very nervous about offending anyone or making people uncomfortable. Ben hated being covered while he ate and would pull at whatever I was using to cover myself, usually exposing more than I would have shown had I just discretely sat there breastfeeding! Instead of struggling to keep things covered, I would often leave the room or go to the car to feed Ben. Why not just give him a bottle, you ask? Because the little bugger wouldn’t take one! Turns out, he’s a boob man through and through and still sticks his hands down my shirt.

It wasn’t always a problem to go off into another room by myself. But it was extremely lonely and when I was struggling with sleep deprivation, new mom hormones and some postpartum depression and anxiety thrown in there for good measure, it sucked! It usually took about half and hour to 40 minutes to feed, burp and get us situated again, during which time I could hear the happy chatter of the people I was aching to spend time with. Every so often someone would peek their head in to say hi, but other than that I sort of felt like I had the plague and was in quarantine or something. 

I will never forget the day that it hurt the most, to be isolated and alone while feeding my son in private so as not to disturb anyone. My heart still stings because of it. Shortly before my beloved Grampy passed away, our whole family got together for dinner to celebrate his 80th birthday. As usual, I found myself in another room nursing Ben who was only 10 weeks old. As I sat there listening to everyone laughing and talking, my heart sank as I heard them bring out the cake and sing Happy Birthday to him. I sobbed all the way through the song because I knew what I was missing out on. It was his last birthday with us, the last birthday song, the last cake, the last time he blew out the candles and I could hear it all going on while I was stuck on the other side of the wall with my heart absolutely breaking because I knew it. His health had been steadily declining (I just need to give a big FUCK YOU to Cancer right here and I don’t even care to censor it) over the previous weeks and he went to the hospital a few days later only to pass away not long after that. That day of his birthday supper was actually the last time that he and I ever spoke to one another. It was one of the only times he was able to hold Ben, the last hug he gave me, and the last time we said “I love you” to each other. I was honored and privileged to have spent his last few moments on earth by his bedside which I am forever grateful for, but I’ll never get back that Happy Birthday, and all because I was afraid.

Grampy and I |HappyPrettyBlog.Com

I really have to add that my family never asked me to go into another room or made me feel like I had to. No one every asked me to. I guess I just felt like it was expected because there were men in the room or something. It’s not like anyone was every able to see anything obscene either. I wore nursing bras and clothing so I was mostly covered while breastfeeding. 

That day changed things for me. Sometimes I’d still go off to another room if I felt like I wanted a little quiet time, but never if there was fun to be had or memories to be made. I gave up caring what others might think of me breastfeeding in front of them and just let them deal with that, because I had already missed too much. Not every situation will be as important as that one. I’m glad that I live in a time and place that allows women to breastfeed in public because it gives me a chance to be part of conversations and not feel like a leper. It makes me really upset when I see people complaining on Facebook or other social media channels about seeing women breastfeeding in public as if it’s some detriment to society and a danger to children. Maybe that woman is tired of hiding and being alone. Maybe she just craves social interaction. Or maybe she just doesn’t want to miss something important.

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Tour Through Blogland

I was so excited when my friend Christine from The So-Called Homemaker (here’s her post) asked me to participate in this Tour Through Blogland! It’s always really fun and interesting to me to get to know and find other bloggers. I also like answering these types of questions because it’s a great way to think about some different things myself that I might not have thought of before. If you want to get to know me further, check out my About page! Now onto the questions!

Tour Through Blogland | HappyPrettyBlog.Com

What are you working on now?

It feels like I have a whole lot of things going on right now that I’m working on! My Shaklee business is really taking off so I’m working on expanding that more. I’m also going through a blogging course called Monitize45 to help me grow and expand my blog. That’s not an affiliate link, by the way! I just highly recommend it!

How does your work differ from others in it’s genre?

I always struggle with pinpointing what genre I fit into. I blog about motherhood, pregnancy and parenting. I also post recipes and DIY tutorials. Then there’s health, wellness and greener living posts. Throw in some business and money making posts and I just don’t know where you’d put me! I like to think that with whatever I write, I try to be as honest and from the heart as possible. Sometimes people don’t like to write about the tough things, but I feel like it makes me more real so I guess that sets me apart.

Why do you write / create what you do?

I tend to write about things that I’d want to read about. That usually goes for the light hearted posts just as much as some of the more serious ones. I want to spread a message of positivity when and wherever I can and let people know that they aren’t alone, even when they feel like they are. 

How does your writing / creative process work?

I’m not the most organized person in the world and I’m working on that! My plan is always to have 3 posts up a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are some weeks that I have more to say or promote and I’m able to post more frequently but 3 posts is always my goal. I have recently begun using CoSchedule to help schedule my blog posts and social media shares more efficiently and this has saved me a LOT of time, freeing me up to knock other tasks off my list. I’m a visual person so I like that I can see all of my posts and shares all laid out on the calendar for me. 

There you have it! I love answering these questions and participating in these things so be sure to tag/nominate me for any of them that you see fit! Next week, my friend ReNewed Chick will be taking you on her Tour Through Blogland!

How I Earn Money From Home – And You Can Too!

There are soooo many different ways to earn money from home today, and I do a few of them. Today I want to share my biggest money maker and real business opportunity because it truly has changed my life. I know, I know. That sounds so horribly cliche and like a sales pitch but it’s absolutely the truth and I can’t phrase it any other way. I want to be completely honest with you, because I know that is what you expect and appreciate from me. 

I’ve been blogging for a while now but it only turned serious a few years ago. I am constantly in awe of the wonderful friends and fun opportunities that roll my way and I love that I’ve been able to generate a real income from this, while staying at home and taking care of my family.

Blogging, social media, and sharing with other people is my JOB! How cool is that?

Prior to making this my job, my life was quite a bit different. I was working an office job that I hated, in a field completely opposite to what I wanted to be doing. I was tired, sick a lot, stressed, and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Migraines were a regular thing and I was prescribed some really harsh medication for them, along with prescription medication for my Acid Pepsin Disease. 

I thought that after I graduated with my magical university degree everything would be great, I’d easily get a job in my field and my life would truly begin. I was actually pretty down on myself that after graduating, I just couldn’t find anything that remotely looked like how I pictured my working life to be. 

It was a very heavy feeling.

I’m sure we’ve all been in that place before.

My son was born in February 2013 and I was very happy to have a year of maternity leave at home with him. During that time, everything changed.

 If you don't like where you are, change it. You are not a tree. - Jim Rohn | HappyPrettyBlog.Com | How I Make Money Online - And You Can Too!

I had been reading Claire’s blog, Claire’s Healthy Home, for a while. I loved her upbeat attitude, her healthy recipes, housekeeping tips, and health advice. I knew that she worked from home, but I wasn’t exactly sure what she did. It seems that opportunities are presented to us when we need them most, and that was certainly the case for me. One day, Claire posted something very similar to what you are reading now. About how she was stuck in a rut and finally found something that spoke to her and worked for her.

She was providing a healthy lifestyle for her family. She was staying home with her children. She was helping other people. 

I wanted that.

I can be pretty spontaneous, so I just went with it and emailed her. What was the worst thing that could happen? But more importantly, what was the BEST thing that could happen? I really had no idea what might happen!

Guess what, she emailed me back and was so sweet! We’ve still never “met” in person, but she is now a great friend and mentor to me and we regularly chat over video and Facebook, often daily. I’ve said it before, but I am always in awe of the connections and opportunities that blogging brings. 

She shared with me her story, her team Project Dream and more importantly, the opportunity for me to join her.

It is now a year later and things have changed a lot since then!

I have been able to come off all prescription medications and no longer suffer the effects of my Acid Pepin disease. I don’t get migraines anymore and have more energy than I ever have! I have more self confidence, have something that’s all my own, and don’t feel like I’m “just a mom” (I hate that phrase!) I have been able to stay home with Ben and will be doing the same for the new baby too, which was really important to me. I get to work with so many intelligent and inspirational women who are supportive and really want to help each other succeed. 

Just because of that one email!

Mind Blown! Project Dream International

I joined Project Dream International as their very first Canadian member shortly after I began talking with Claire and became part of the Shaklee family! I haven’t looked back since! It’s been a year and things have only gotten better. I’ve grown so much as a person, started growing my own team and have just achieved my first promotion in Shaklee! Things are really exciting!

Maybe you are in the same place I was. Maybe you’re not but just want a change. Maybe you’re not interested but just want to know that there are more ways to live than just the 9-5 grind. Maybe you just want a little play money. 

Whatever it is you’re looking for, maybe I can help! You can always email me at tobin{dot}kimberley{at}gmail{dot}com anytime to ask questions, chat, or to take that same leap of faith that I did. It might just change things for you, for the better.

It might not be the things for you, and that’s ok! This is my experience and this is what works for me but we’re all different and we all have different gifts to offer others. Know that if this is something you might be interested in, I will be there with you the whole way! I will hold your hand through the process, if that’s what you need. I’ll help train you, along with Claire and the rest of the Project Dream team. I’ll motivate and support you and help you learn the tools you need to succeed in this business. Network marketing is a hugely profitable field for many people, and I’d love to help you make it profitable for you!

If you want even more info, register for the webinar that I’ll be featured on which is all about Shaklee! Sign up here even if you can’t listen at that time and I’ll send you the recording!