Seeing Baby & Some Pet Peeves

Yesterday was quite a busy day here and since I’m not on the ball as much as I’d like, I didn’t have a blog post scheduled ahead of time. Oops! Oh well, moving on!

If you’re my personal Facebook friend, you’ve already seen this picture but I wanted to share it here too because that’s what bloggers do! This little boy was so wiggly and fun during his photoshoot!

Seeing Baby & Pet Peeves | HappyPrettyBlog.Com | #ultrasound #pregnancy #baby

I am always so amazed at modern medicine, particularly where pregnancy is concerned since that is what I have the most experience with. Yesterday was the 3rd time I got to see this sweet boy and it never gets old. I had an amazing tech at St. Joseph’s Hospital and got to experience their newest ultrasound machine and it was just so much fun!

He was very active and cooperative the whole time and seemed to enjoy putting on a little show for us. He must have known he had an audience! Everything is absolutely fine with him and he looks happy and healthy and is growing well in there which is so nice to hear. It made me so excited for him to come out and play with his big brother! February seems so far away but I know it will be here soon enough and I don’t want to wish any of my time away with Ben.

Onto today’s #Blogtober14 prompt from Helene and Taylor which is actually something I touched on during my last pregnancy and I’ll just spin it to apply to my current situation!

Pet Peeves During Pregnancy #2

  • People comparing this pregnancy to my last, then assuming that this baby is a girl since it’s so different. All pregnancies can be different, regardless of the sex of the baby.
  • Not being able to drink a whole bottle of wine after a particularly difficult day with a spirited toddler.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people being all up on my belly!
  • My belly growing SO MUCH FASTER this time! I found out I was pregnant and it was like BAM!
  • People assuming we will have 3 children just because we will have 2 boys. We don’t even know that yet. What if we like having 2 boys and it feels right? Leave the planning of our family up to us, mkay?
  • The constant guilt of knowing I won’t be able to spend as much one on one time with Ben after this baby is born.
  • Feeling bad for feeling guilty about the above, because I know how wonderful it will be for him to have a sibling.
  • Not having as much energy or mobility now that I am becoming larger to run around and play with Ben.

I’m sure I could keep going, depending on my mood!

If you have had more than one child, did you have any pet peeves that were specific to a second pregnancy? Leave me a comment!

The Daily Tay

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My Biggest Fear

When I saw today’s #Blogtober prompt I kind of cringed because I am not a fan of this topic. It’s not that I don’t have fears or that I’m embarrassed by my fears. I just don’t like to dwell on fear because that’s how people get stuck on things and don’t live their life to their full potential. There’s something healthy about a bit of fear because it can be a great motivator, but there is a line when it becomes debilitating and that’s when I don’t like it.

I have some silly little fears like ET (no idea why I hate him so much), Chucky, poisonous creatures, the usual.

Then I have some bigger fears like something happening to my family, being alone, the internet exploding.

I just don’t like to dwell on my fears though, because the more that I think about them, the more power I give to them and I don’t want to give them any power. I want to own them so that I can overcome or look past them and not let them influence my drive to do something.

Am I really over-thinking this? LOL!

The Daily Tay

What Makes Me Happy?

I wasn’t going to post today until I noticed what the #Blogtober14 prompt is today. How could I not share a picture of the one thing that makes me the happiest person on earth?!

What Makes Me Happy | HappyPrettyBlog.Com | #happiness #mother #son

Sometimes being a mom is hard and sometimes it gets frustrating but I can’t imagine my world without him in it. He makes me laugh and smile every single day and I have become a better person since he came into my life.

I Have A Little Secret

Yesterday’s #Blogtober14 post talked about my expert status at finding a deal. I really believe that it’s a skill to sniff out good deals and I’m going to let you in on a little secret, which just so happens to be today’s prompt from Helene and Taylor.

I’m in the very early stages but I’ve been working on an e-book to help with just this subject. When I was pregnant for Ben, I accumulated so many free and heavily discounted baby products but I noticed that not many other people were doing the same. I heard a number of reasons, but the most popular was that they just didn’t know where to look and didn’t have time to search for free products. So I thought that I might be able to help with that! I’ve been busily writing all of the baby deal finding information in my brain so that other people can benefit from it too! I’ll let you know when I’m closer to being finished but I thought that I’d let you in on my little secret!

The Daily Tay